About The Masters

The Pembina Master Curling League was founded in 1996 to encourage friendly, competitive play among those curlers 60+ years of age.

The Pembina Masters play Tuesdays at 10 am and Thursdays at 1 pm throughout the curling season, which runs from October through March. Team, as well as Individual applications are welcome.


The PEMBINA MASTERS currently has openings for team entries on Tuesdays, and possibly Thursdays, for the 2022-23 curling season. For more information please contact Peter Rey at (204) 284-3220. The 2022-23 PCC Masters team application form can be viewed here.

Individuals looking to join the PEMBINA MASTERS should contact Peter Rey at (204) 284-3220. Their name and contact information will be posted here for those teams looking to augment their team.


The 2021-22 Pembina Masters' Wind-up Luncheon and 25th Anniversary celebration was held April 12, 2022 at the Pembina Curling Club. Click on the photo gallery below to see some photos from the event.

2022 Pembina Master's Banquet & 25th Anniversary Celebration Photo Gallery


The Pembina Masters has evolved. Instead of a fee of $2 per game, a "round" of 12 games will now cost you $24. Each participant will be assigned a number when payment is made. Entry fees are payable to John Derksen.


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